BetterEconomy BetterEconomy is a bot with an economy system in it. You can create your own account and earn money by being active on your discord server. With commands, you can see the value of your or other accounts and also give other people money from your account. If you are an Admin on your server you can add, remove or clear cash of an account of a member. But thats not the only things... You can also create a shop with a role on your server and members can buy it with their cash. Of course, you can also edit or delete the shop! ! These are the commands you can use: ! As member: $help - Shows up a list with all commands. $info - Shows some info about the bot. $cash (<@Member>) - Shows you the amount of cash on an account. $pay <@Member> - Pay an amount of cash to an other member. $shop - Shows the shop, if the server has one. $buy - Buys the role, that the server sells. As Admin: $add <@Member> - Adds an amount cash to the member. $remove <@Member> - Removes an amount cash of the member. $clear <@Member> - Removes all cash from the member $setshop <@Role> - Sell a role on you discord server for Cash! For example a VIP role! :) $editshop <@Role> - Edits the shop, if you have set one. $deleteshop - Deletes the shop, if you have set one. So, would be nice if you invite my bot ;) Have fun!