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Emoji Statistics

The Emoji Statistics Bot tracks custom emoji usage on your server and lets you query interesting statistics like most used and least used emojis. The included features are:

- Automatically track custom emoji usage on your server (including name, amount and animated yes/no). - Request the current emoji statistics for your server with `%e stats`. This displays you the most and least used emojis on your server with one command. - Filter your statistics by the type of emoji (animated/not-animated only). - See wich emojis your friends enjoy the most with `%e user`. - Let the bot show you wich emojis have never been used on your server (ghost emoji). - Delete data from the bots database as you wish. You can delete data for single emojis or reset your data overall.

For general help just use the command `%e help`.




%e help Displays a help message.
%e info Gives you general information about the bot and how it works.
%e support Get help from the official support server.
%e stats Shows you your emoji data. Data can be filtered by the type of emoji.
%e user [name] Get information about the emoji usage of a user including his favourite emojis and channels.
%e channel [name] See the emoji top list for a specific channel.
%e unused Shows you all your emojis that have not been used for at least 1 month.
%e worldwide See the best performing emojis all over the world including their server.
%e clean Remove data for emojis that have been deleted from your server.
%e delete [emojiname] Removes the specified emoji data.
%e deletestats Deletes all your emoji data stored on the database.
Thank you for choosing this bot! I put a lot of work into this and seeing other people use it makes me very happy!