__**A brief overview of what Cookie Bot is**__ ⠀ __**🔨 Behaviour AI**__ At its core Cookie#6669 is a toxicity/profanity behavior detection bot powered by Googles Perspective API. It is a great tool for any SFW discord server staff who would like to keep track of their users. __The bot tracks:__ - **Insults** - **Profanity** - **Spam** - **Flirtation** __Using this information the bot:__ - **Logs a profile over-time for each user.** - **Logs every message it detects while collecting data** - **Provides tools for Staff to keep track of top poorly behaving users.** Once the server has collected enough data... Profiles & Behaviour "Leaderboards" can be viewed in Server Average Comparison mode which has the potential to show users who are behaving better than the average, as well as retaining the usefulness of showing the users who behave the poorest compared to the Server Behaviour Average. 📊 **Fortnite Save-The-World AI** Cookie also has specific "niche" Fortnite save-the-world functionality for servers of the STW community, these include: **- Trade detection & redirector (Beta Testing)** **- Mission help detection & redirector (in-progress)** **- Fortnite TOS breach detection (in-progress)** 🔄 **In-Development (Coming soon)** Here are some of the features that are well underway in development: **- An "Activity" role: A role that can be set up to smartly judge who is being active in certain channels & give them a role for a set amount of time until the next active person gets it.** **- An AI Promo-Detector: A smarter way to detect (using AI) people who are promoting YT/Twitch/Discord servers without direct links which are easy to detect & delete.** __**Commands**__ - c?Help - c?info - c?ping - c?say - c?stats - c?Profile - c?Profile @User/ID - c?AI - c?AI - c?AI Leaderboards - c?Permissions - c?Permissions Profile - c?Permissions Profile Roles - c?Permissions Profile Roles Allow - c?Permissions Profile Roles Deny - c?Permissions Profile Channels - c?Permissions Profile Channels Allow - c?Permissions Profile Channels Deny - c?Permissions AllProfiles - c?Permissions AllProfiles Roles - c?Permissions AllProfiles Roles Allow - c?Permissions AllProfiles Roles Deny - c?Permissions AllProfiles Channels - c?Permissions AllProfiles Channels Allow - c?Permissions AllProfiles Channels Deny - c?Setup - c?Setup AI - c?Setup AI SpecificChannels - c?Setup AI AllChannels - c?Setup AI LogChannel - c?Setup AI DeniedChannels - c?Setup AI Advanced - c?Setup StwAI - c?Setup StwAI Trade - c?Setup StwAI Trade SpecificChannels - c?Setup StwAI Trade AllChannels - c?Setup StwAI Trade LogChannel - c?Setup SteAI Trade DeniedChannels - c?Setup StwAI Trade TradeChannels - c?Setup StwAI Trade Advanced **STEP BY STEP HELP-GIFS ARE PROVIDED ON THE BOTs EMBEDS WHEN SETTING UP.** **THE BOT DOES NOT NEED ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSIONS** Please **ONLY** leave it checked if you are testing it or personally using the bot. It is highly discouraged to have bots with Admin rights on community servers by most owners.