Moderation Tools


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So what can this cool cookie do?

  • Change the language
  • Private (temporary and permanent) voice channel
  • Reaction roles
  • Moderation commands
  • Polls
  • Level/Rank system with onlinetoplist
  • Welcome messages
  • Music in voice channels
  • An cool webinterface to setup the bot easily
  • An online birthdaylist and concrats you on your birthday
  • Play cool minigames with you
  • And much more

Do you want to have a look on how to use a feature? Look on my cool homepage to see how to use the commands.

Where can I see all the commands?

The "/help"-command lists all the possible commands.

Here are some examples:

Command What it does
/setlang de Setting the bot language to german
/rr Shows the possible commands to set up reaction role(s).
/toplist See the toplist of your server
/m See all the music commands (there are much)

Here is a tip for you:

With "/help " you get extra information on how to run certain commands.

Do you need help? Join our support server!

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