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Why you should work by us


Get a cool hoodie

Get a cool KeksStudios Hoodie to keap you warm :3

Improve your skills

We will help you to improve your skills by teaching you.


Take holidays as much as you want*

Holidays are nice or? By us you can take as much as you want, but when you take to much holidays we will inform you :3


Help us to make the world a better place ;3

We make websites, discordbots and more for free, so we make the world a little bit better, or? Or not so? Come on, a little bit?

Much more

Work from home

Your house is the perfect place to work and to stay healthy. When we need to make an conference we do it over online-calls.

Much more

And much more

Just join our team and you will see how nice it is to work for us :3


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