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About Us

Here you find some informations about our project.

Who are we?

We are an team of young developers which develops in there freetime Websites, Discordbots and more fore other companies for free.

What are we doing?

We can program everything from a website to an game. We are open to learn new things to face your project.

How can I give you an order?

We are happy that you like to make your project with us. To give us an order just go this link to order your project.

Why choose us?

We have many years of expirience and only happy customers.

Everything is Free

From the planing till the programming is everything free. But we would be happy if you donate us a little amount if the project is finished :3

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Professional Team

We can face any challenge and will teach you that yourself can update your project.

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Infinity revisions

You have access to the source code during development and can suggest changes at any time.

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Hard Workers

Our Partners/

Without them we are nothing.

Our Projects



Your FREE DISCORDBOT which can face any challange. He has features like play music, moderation, levelsytem, giveaway, reactionroles and even much more. And the Bot has an cool Dashboard were you make it to your bot. And an cool Onlinetoplist for your Server. He can do EVERYTHING.



Your free DiscordBot list to make your Bot fame!


Chattari [SOON]

Chattari is made for easy and free chatting for everyone. It has much inbuild features, like a recorder, voice chatting, streaming and much more! Download it today, its completely free!